Ways To Support The Museum

Ways You Can Support Us

We welcome your support at A Walk Through Time Museum whether it be a monetary donation, a collection or exhibit, or your valuable time by volunteering. You all play an important role in our success of helping to preserve the past for future generations.

We believe this quote says it best, "A people without their knowledge of their past history, origin, or culture, is like a tree without roots."

Donate to Exhibit or Collection

When you donate items to A Walk Through Time Museum, you become part of our mission. Your donation will help the Museum remain a top destination for learning and discovery, and will help to educate and inspire future generations on the importance of our ancestors and how they lived.

Email us today to learn more at Info@awalkthroughtimemuseum.com


We are honoured to provide a unique opportunity for our visitors to explore the rich history of our ancestors at the Museum. We rely on the generosity of our supporters, and volunteers to continue our mission of preserving and showcasing the artifacts that tell the story of our past.

If you would like to volunteer, learn more by email us at Info@awalkthroughtimemuseum.com