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A World of Wonder

The moment you arrive, you'll be struck by the meticulous care and attention that has gone into creating this captivating museum. From the intricate displays to the knowledgeable staff, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted to provide an unparalleled experience. 

The past is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom that can help us understand and appreciate the present. By exploring the history of our ancestors, we can gain a deeper understanding of how our world has evolved and appreciate the progress we have made. 

Our museum provides a unique opportunity to connect with the past, and discover the ingenuity and innovation of those who came before us.

We also host Special Demo Days at the Museum throughout our open season such as Cream Day and Wool Day where we offer interactive activities. Contact us to learn more.

Step into a world of wonder and be transported back in time at the A WALK THROUGH TIME MUSEUM. 

Most Popular Collections

Stove Collection

We have about 17 stoves at the museum. The one pictured here is very much admired by our visitors. It is in immaculate condition and was well maintained. It was made in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s and was used by Allan’s parents until 1985.

We have a very small camp stove, kitchen ranges, many different models of cast iron stoves, some of which are very intricately designed.

Bottle Collection

There are so many bottles located throughout the museum. It would take hours to count them.  They range from tiny medicine bottles, poison bottles, small and extra large liquor bottles, cream and milk bottles, pop bottles, mason jars, perfume bottles , interesting shaped bottles and so on.

Oldest Chainsaw Collection

There are close to 40 models of chainsaws in the collection at the museum. They range in age from 1946 to 1970. Each of the chainsaws we have on display have their own unique features.

Allan’s grandfather's pioneer chainsaw made in 1958 is one of the chain saws in the collection.

Conley Axe Collection

The largest and most impressive collection of axes at the museum is the collection donated by Jim Conley. Jim is the great grandson of George Conley, edge and toolmaker, who owned and operated an axe factory on middle river in Alma, Nova Scotia.

 George Conley built the factory in 1847 when he was approximately 20 years old. The factory burned down in 1903. He did not rebuild. He had manufactured axes and edged tools for 56 years. 

As of 2023 some of the oldest axes and edge tools would be approximately 176 years old.

Featured Exhibits

The artifacts on display at the museum are not just objects, they are tangible evidence of the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors. By examining the tools and machinery they used, we can gain an appreciation for their resourcefulness and creativity. By studying their methods of farming, gardening, and blacksmithing, we can understand how they adapted to their environment and developed techniques that are still relevant today.

The General Store

Our general store is set up as similar as we could get it to the early 1900s. It has the potbelly stove in the middle of the room with chairs and a checkerboard sitting around it. It has a counter where you can place your order. It has an old cash register on the counter as well as a roll of paper to wrap the items.

There are a large number of items that have prices on them, of course, none of the items are actually for sale. There are many items on shelves, in showcases, and bookcases for you to discover.

The Doctor's Buggy

The doctor's buggy is a one horse drawn buggy that was used when there was no snow by the doctor to go to peoples homes to see the patient.

He had storage areas in this buggy one such area was a large cabinet on the back where he stored his items as well as storage under the seat. This particular buggy is from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Grandma's Kitchen

This kitchen is a pretty typical and primitive early 1900s kitchen. It is set up as close as we could get to Allan‘s grandmother's kitchen.

It has the same type of kitchen cupboards, sink and water pump by the sink. It has a cook stove in the corner and also an icebox.  It also has one of those kitchen couches that were popular in those days for family to gather while the meal was cooking.

Take a 360 Degree Look Inside the Museum

We invite you to take a 360 degree peek inside of the Museum from the comfort of your home. From desktop or laptop, click and drag your mouse to experience a 360 degree view. For tablets and mobile devices, use your fingertip to click and slide the image.