About Us

How it All Began

At the age of 10 on a visit to an old farm with his father, Allan spotted, in the dirt, a fancy glass bottle. It was about 1 gallon size with a small opening at the top with a rope design all around the top edge. He kept eyeing it until the old farmer noticed and said, "Kid, if you like that bottle, you can have." Well, Allan thought he had the world by the tail and that moment sparked his interest in all things old or antique and thus his collection began.

Growing up next door to his grandparents, Allan was always involved with old time farming ways. His grandfather had never owned a drivers license or an automobile (although he did get a tractor in later years), therefore, much of the farm work was done with horses. Allan has many items from his grandfather's farm or items similar to the ones he grew up with.

Allan has been collecting artifacts for more than 30 years and storing them where ever he could find room to try to protect them from the weather. He has purchased many items from local families and many more have been donated, especially since people found out about his intentions to open a museum.

In 2016, Allan and his wife, Mary were able to buy the old Scotsburn Creamery building in the village of Scotsburn, Nova Scotia since it was no longer being used by Scotsburn Dairy. The building has about 10,000 square feet on each level so they thought we had ‘lots’ of space. As it turns out there is a lot of space but it has been filling up very quickly.

A Walk Through Time Museum opened on June 3, 2018 for the first season. Visitors are surprised and delighted to see how many artifacts there are and how well they are displayed.

Some of the displays include the large horse drawn farm machinery as well as many hand tools used for farming, gardening and blacksmithing.

Our collection continues to grow each year. We invite to come explore the past.

Land Roller

Wheel Barrow

Water Pump