Frequently Asked Questions

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Unlock the secrets of our ancestors and discover their triumphs and struggles through the artifacts on display at the Museum. These objects are more than just lifeless items; they are tangible evidence of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our forefathers.

Through the artifacts on display at the museum, we can gain a deeper understanding of our history and the progress we have made. Don't miss your chance to explore the rich history of our ancestors and gain a newfound appreciation for the resilience and creativity of those who came before us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the museum open and how big is it?

Our museum opened June 3, 2018. It has 10,000 square feet, 13 rooms or areas of displays. 

Are items here on loan?

Everything in this museum except one article, is privately owned by us.

How long have you been collecting?

I have been collecting articles since age 10. I was visiting an old farmer with my father when I spotted an old glass bottle, half buried in the dirt with old oil or something in it. The farmer saw that I kept looking at it and asked me if I would like to have it. I took it home, cleaned it up and now it is on display in “The General Store” at the museum.

How many artifacts are there here at the museum?

We are working on cataloging all the artifacts here. We are at the 5000 mark with many more to go.

How were you able to collect everything and where had you been storing it?

Through time it became known by people that we were collecting, so many approached me to buy artifacts from them. We bought some items at auctions but mostly private individuals. We stored items in our own buildings as well as in lots of relatives' barns. After setting up some displays at our home property as part of our church’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2012, attendance was great and people were impressed with what we had done, so many people started donating items. When people see the museum and how it is set up they want to donate collectibles to a “safe” place where people can enjoy learning about our history.

How did you get all these items into this building?

A LOT of man hours. The largest machinery items were lifted up through the big door by an extended forklift (which we rented) operated by my brother in law who is a crane operator. All the sleighs and wagons were pulled up by ropes using guardrails bolted together to make a ramp. Some “smaller “ items such as the piano, organs, large furniture, stoves, etc were pulled up through a hole in the floor using an electric winch. Lots of things were carried up the stairs also.

What is the oldest item?

It is hard to say for sure but the English wagon is well over 150 years old and it is in good condition.